All about Your Salary in February and March 2020 in China

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus in China, most training centers will not open until the end of epidemic.

Some foreign employees have been told that the school will deduct the February salary or will not pay any salary.

Before we find the best solution for you, let’s check how much you are entitled to the salary in February and in the coming March.

All about Your Salary in February and March 2020 in China
All about Your Salary in February and March 2020 in China

If an employer encounters productional and operational difficulties caused by the epidemic, it may stabilize the positions by means of adjusting remuneration, rotation, shortening working hours, etc. by consensus with the employees, so as not to lay off or lay fewer people off.

Eligible employers may enjoy a subsidy in accordance with the provisions. If an employer stops operation within one wage period, the employer shall pay the wages of its employees in accordance with the standards stipulated in the labor contract. 

If an employer stops operation more than one wage period, when the employee provides regular work, the wage paid by the employer shall not be lower than the local minimum wage.

If employees do not provide regular work, the employer shall pay the living expenses, and the living expenses standard shall be implemented in accordance with the methods prescribed by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.

(Notice on the Proper Treatment of Labor Relations During the Prevention and Control of the Pneumonia Outbreak Caused by the New Coronavirus Infection 

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