How to Choose an English-speaking Lawyer in Dalian?

How to Choose an English-speaking Lawyer in Dalian?
How to Choose an English-speaking Lawyer in Dalian?

When you complete the steps in the How could you find a reliable English-speaking Lawyer in Dalian, you may get a list of lawyers at hand. Now it is time to determine the exact one. And the only way is, basically, consultation.

1 Contact and make an appointment

With a handful candidates, you shall begin with contacting and making appointment with them. Most lawyers do initial consultation for free. But still make certain you would not be charged before the consultation or not, or you will be surprised by the bill at the end of the consultation.

Thanks to the high-tech and popularity of apps like zoom, even if you are outside of China, an online meeting can be arranged to meet the Chinese local lawyers. And delete those who do not like spare time to understand your case.

2 Prepare for the consultation

To make your consultation more efficient, you can write a brief of fact of your case, also with the questions you especially like to understand. You can write an Email or at least bring the paper with you in case you omit the points.

Don’t mind telling the details to the lawyer. Lawyers will not disclose your information to any third party even if you haven’t retained him/her. No lawyer would like to sacrifice his time and fame to tell others. Most of time the disclosure that you worry will not happen.

3 Fully discuss your case in the consultation

If you have any documents, such as contracts, emails, receipts, bring them with you to the lawyers. Feel free to ask more questions and try to understand the questions from the lawyers. Help the lawyers to understand each detail in your case.

4 Consider the service fees and Trust your intuition

After several consultation or maybe just one, you may have an idea which lawyer is suitable for your case. Choose the lawyer who can listen to you carefully and at the same time could answer your questions. If the lawyer is a miser with words, maybe he/she is not a good candidate.

Don’t forget to consult the rate and the way of payment. In China, each province will publicize a guiding pricing standard. Compare the pricing method and the quotation of the lawyers that you meet, and trust your intuition, you may pick up your lawyer.