What if my name was on a list of defaulters in China?

The list of defaulters is also called “the blacklist”, which was established in 2013 as a tool to improve the social credit system. Some observers believe it will increase the collection and sharing of data about Chinese citizens, public officials and companies.

What if my name was on a list of defaulters in China?
What if my name was on a list of defaulters in China?

Recently, Chinese government has issued a new document to enforce the judgement of courts, promoting a nationwide network mechanism, which shares information among different departments and authorities, covering every aspect of social life.  

As foreigners, what if your name were placed on a blacklist? The quick and reliable answer is to fulfill your judgement as soon as possible. Yes. As soon as possible. Even if you think the decision is unfair. Even if you doubt Chinese legal system. Even if you decide you are going back to your home country. But fulfill the judgement first. 

When your name has been already placed on a blacklist, that means the judgement has already been effective and you have rare opportunities to appeal or change the decision again.

So the best choice is to fulfill it. IF NOT, you will, in all probability, be restricted to leave China. If you have any property in China’s territory, they will be seized and sold by auction.

What if I have already been back to home country?

OK, never come back to China again. Your name will not be deleted from the blacklist as time passes by. When you come back to China some day, you will still face the restriction.

I like to stay in China!

Attention!  You are restricted from leaving, which doesn’t mean China likes you and keeps you. As foreigners enjoy National Treatment in civil areas, you will feel very difficult to live in China. For example, you also may be placed on the list of “VIP” in Entrance and Exit Administration system.

You will be rejected when you apply for extension of visa. Your name and your passport number will be disclosed online, and in some cities, be broadcasted in public places like subway TV commercials. Besides, You can’t buy flight or high-speed train tickets.

In some cities, like Yiwu, even though you finally fulfill the judgement, with bad credit record, you can be restricted in a lot of ways. The government will shorten the period of your work permit and the amount of your individual foreign exchange settlement will be influenced. You will not allowed to be a legal representative.

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