Police Clearance Certificate (Non-Criminal Record) in China

Police Clearance Certificate (Non-Criminal Record) in China
Police Clearance Certificate (Non-Criminal Record) in China

What is Police Clearance Certificate?

Police Clearance Certificate is also known as Non-Criminal Record Certificate. This certificate may be required for your immigration, green card, study, and employment and residence permission in other countries.

Source of Law:

Notice of the Notarial Department of Ministry of Justice on Whether Foreign Citizens Have Received Criminal Sanctions during Their Residence in China《司法部公证司关于办理外国公民在华居住期间是否受过刑事制裁证明的通知》(司公字<90>第55号文件)


You have lived in China for 6 months without break.

If you stayed in China in July and left China for Christmas, then came back in next January and worked until the end of June. 

Sorry, you are not able to get the PPC.

How could you get the PCC?

If you are still in China, or typically, when you are going to leave China, you may apply for it in person.

Documents to bring:

1. Valid Passport (and Expired Passport, if any).

2. Photos

3. Accommodation Registration Form(s)

Where to go for application?

You may think about visiting to the local the Exit and Entry Administration Bureaus, which attached to Public Security Bureau (PSB).

No, according to the above Notice, you shall go to the local public notary for application.

Moreover, the public notary shall be in the last city you have ever worked or studied in China. I suggest you to go to the public notaries of the municipal level; PCC must be within their business scope.

It seems easy. Yes, it is easy. Just take your Chinese friends to help you overcome the obstacle of language.

If you are not in China, how would you do?

All my answer: 

Applying PCC through us.

Let us help you process the formalities. We have cooperated with the local public notaries in North of China for quite a few years. We can make it more efficient.

If you have more questions, welcome to contact me.