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Our team has provided personal legal services for hundreds of expatriates from tens of countries.Our services include cross-border divorce, child custody right, division of Property, labor dispute, lawyer’s witness, personal injury etc., helping our clients to get fair interests in various cases.

The specific areas covers:

China Family Law
  • Drafting pre-nuptial agreement, and making family plan on future marriage life.
  • Advising divorce strategies to protect their reasonable and maximized interests in a variety of complex litigation procedures in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Advising division of marital properties in China.
  • Advising and mediating on child custody and maintenance, supervising the enforcement of judicial decisions.     
China Inheritance Law
  • We help to witness and execute the inheritance will, help our clients to complete the inheritance of the estate of relatives and friends, including real estate, cash, shares and other assets through coordination and litigation.
China Real Estate Law and Property law
  • We assist in handling personal and family financial investment in China, such as capital in and out, income arrangement and other aspects, realizing the security of funds and maximize income reasonably and legally.
  • We help foreigners to buy or sell residential or commercial real estates in China, by advising purchase or sale procedures, formulating transaction contracts, coordinating intermediaries, owners, banks and governments, handling with foreign exchange arrangements.
China Labor Law / Employment Law
  • We help to deal with unfair dismissal, arrears of wages, release letter and other matters. We provide services of drafting or reviewing the employment contract for clients, as well as resignation consultation, to avoid the loss in disputes in the later stage.

Jenny Zhang and her team are trusted and experienced Chinese lawyers with international vision. They’ve got detailed understanding of the complexities of Chinese laws, regulations and customs.

Jenny legal team has provided professional legal service for foreign businesses and foreign individuals from tens of countries for more than ten years.