About Jenny Zhang

Jenny Zhang - Chinese Lawyer

Jenny Zhang

Lawyer in China

Jenny specializes in international trade issues, foreign direct investment and acts as personal legal counsel in China. She impressed her foreign clients and some authorities such as British embassy with her professional service.

Over the years, Jenny’s gained profound insight and achievements in the practice and research of Chinese laws. She is able to provide legal opinions including laws, regulations, customs and procedures for foreign individuals and corporate clients, who work, live, invest and operate in China.

Jenny has provided professional legal services for many foreign individuals from dozens of countries, as well as expatriates working and living in China. The legal services cover cross border marriage, divorce, child custody disputes, labor disputes, contract disputes, lawyer witness, real estate sales disposal, etc.

As the legal representative of many foreign enterprises in China, Jenny has successfully handled the commercial legal affairs in China for them, including the company’s investment and establishment, international commercial disputes, intellectual property disputes, real estate sales and disposal, litigation and arbitration.

If you are a foreign individual or enterprise, who need help in China, please contact Jenny Zhang. Jenny and Jenny legal team will provide you with professional and reliable legal services to help you carry out business better in China and work and live better in China.

Jenny speaks English and Mandarin Chinese.