When Your Visa Expires in China, 3 Steps you should do.

When Your Visa Expires in China, 3 Steps you should do.

What happens if your visa expires in China? How to apply for a Chinese visa extension? 3 Steps you should do in China.

First Step: Report to the Exit and Entrance Administration Bureau as fast as possible. 

Second Step: Pay the fine in the Public Security Bureau (Get a penalty note, pay the fine, and get an invoice)

Third Step: apply for visa extension with the penalty note and the invoice at Exit and Entrance Administration Bureau)

How much would I be fined? Or any other penalty?

It depends on the time of period of your illegal stay. To be specific, it is 500 yuan (RMB) per day for the period of his/her illegal stay in China with the total sum of fine not exceeding 5,000 yuan (RMB), or detained from 3-10 days.

Those whose offenses are serious may at the same time be ordered to leave the country within a specified time.

Tips: Be honest, explain the situation truthfully, and be brave enough to admit your mistakes. Maybe you will not be fined so much. If the time is short, it should not leave a bad record. 

Note: If your visa expires too long, such as a month, in a sense, you become an illegal immigrant! You would be deported.

“That’s not my fault! My company grantee to deal with my visa when we signed the Employment Contract.”

There is no sense to discuss it before you successfully pay the fine and get your visa extended. Because that is YOUR visa, not your company’s. The ultimate party who takes the responsibility of your illegal stay is yourself.  

When your employment contract includes the provision that your company shall get the visa for you and your company really fails, you can claim based on the contract LATER. 

“How about staying illegal for several years?”

It is a dangerous idea. When you were found some day, you will be fined, detained and deported. You would not get any chance to China again unless you change your identity in your own country and get a new passport. 

Besides, you will live under the shadow of being illegal. When your boss finds the truth, he may pay you a lower salary with the threat to report.

When your landlord finds it, he may ask you more rental fee with the threat to report. You have no chance to travel around in China since you cannot get access to flight or express train.

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